Friday, 6 January 2012

5-string Electric Violin

This 5-string electric violin made by Shar is a visually stunning instrument, with an S-shape design and a vintage sunburst finish. It uses a piezo pick-up on the bridge and has a warm, mellow sound when amplified. The body of the violin is solid and made out of spruce, while the neck is made out of maple. It comes with a case, a chinrest, one brazilwood bow, and a small practice amp. Price: $650. Call 778-986-9015 or email if you are interested.   

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Violin, case, and bow package

I am selling the aforementioned Vuillaume-modeled violin and Bam case along with two student bows, in a package deal for just $3000. Call 778-986-9015 or email if you are interested.

Bam Contoured Hightech Black Violin Case

This is an extremely lightweight, yet very durable case made by Bam. It weighs 3.5 lbs and the shell is made out of ABS and high-density foam. The violin rests on two elevated cushions for added protection. The case can hold two bows, has a zippered pouch for small items, and has a strap to hold a shoulder rest. It also features two backpack straps.

4/4 size violin, German copy of a Vuillaume, circa 1900.

This full size violin is most likely German made circa 1900, and is modeled after a J.B. Vuillaume violin. It is at the upper range of student violins and it would be suitable for an intermediate-level violin student. It naturally has a bright sound that projects easily and is pleasing to the ears. It has two cracks that have been fully repaired. You may test it out before making a decision to purchase it. Here is an old video of myself playing this violin in a recital.